Slackline Split Setup 6mm single

The first Real Soft Slackline Split System


No metal parts! Locking Soft Shackle for maximum safety!


Split Setup to connect and interconnect multiple Slackline Main and and Backup Webbings (with sewn loops) together.

Split Setup consists of one 6mm Button Knot Soft Shackle - 29cm open length and

one 5mm Button Knot Soft Shackle - 22cm open length.

The longer one is used to connect the mainline in a figure eight shape.

The second one is used to connect the backup and interconnect the main and backup line.

The smaller Soft Shackle comes with a locking cord to prevent unwanted opening when not under tension.

For the 22cm BackUp Soft Shackle, you can choose between


Advantages of Soft Shackle Split Setup:


  • reduced risk or injury with no metal in the system
  • strong and lightweight
  • easy to assemble
  • works with all kind of Backup Extenders
  • flexible - if not used for Split Setup, all Soft Shackles can be used in a wide range of applications
  • increased safety in case of a Main Line failure - just one section will fail, the rest of the system stays redundant, minimizing height of a possible backup fall.
  • flexibility with your webbing - share webbings with your friends for bigger projects, carry only what you need
  • carry your webbing in separate backpacks


100% handmade in Germany from 100% Dyneema SK78 and individually tested.

Special coating makes them very resistant to abrasion and UV-radiation.

Stronger than steel but up to ten times lighter.

The Button Knot is the strongest way to tie a Soft Shackle.

Split Setup 6mm

41,40 €Price
  • Technical Information


    Dyneema® SK 78

    Knot Technique

    Button Knot

    Open length

    6mm Shackle: 29cm

    5mm Shackle: 22cm


    6mm Shackle: 72 kN

    5mm Shackle: 42 kN


    6mm Shackle: 18 kN

    5mm Shackle: 10,5 kN




    Yellow, Blue

  • User Information

    Please Note:

    Get to know how Soft Shackles work before using them!
    If you have any questions about how, when and where to use Soft Shackles, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Add. Information about Backup

    If you use only one Split Connection you can adjust the Backup length as usual from the anchor points.
    If you use two or more Split Connections you will need for the section between two Split Connections a Backup longer than your MainLine.

    How long does the Backup has to be?
    The length of the Backup section depends on

    • the type (stretch) of the webbing
    • length of the webbing
    • the tension in the system
    • which size you want the Backup loops to be.

    As an average tension used in highline scenarios we suggest to work with 6kN. For higher or lower tension adjust accordingly.

    Here an example:

    Let`s say you have a 50m Section of a webbing and you know it has a stretch of 5% at 6kN.
    That means your MainLine webbing will elongate by 5% or in this case 2,5m.
    Then you may add 2-3m of extra length to get decent Backup loops. All in all, the Backup needs to be about 5m longer.

    There are several options now.

    • Get a Backup webbing in the desired length.
      Disadvantage is clearly that you cannot change the webbings the other way around and therefore the system becomes less flexible. Also, you might not get the webbings in the exact length you need.
    • Extend your webbing
      Therefore you can use a Backup Extender like the 6mm Spliced Dyneema Extender we offer in our shop. Simply connect the Extender on one side to the sewn loop of your webbing by girth hitching it and attach it to the Backup Soft Shackle of your Split Connection on the other side.

    Any other suitable Extender, like another piece of sewn webbing, may be used.
    This will give you the most flexibility for your system. Keep all webbings in the same lengths and adjust only the Extender.
    Note: You can connect more Dyneema Extenders together by girth hitching them.