5mm Button Knot Soft Shackle


100% handmade in Germany from 100% Dyneema SK78 and individually tested.

Special coating makes them very resistant to abrasion and UV-radiation.

Stronger than steel but up to ten times lighter.

The Button Knot is the strongest way to tie a Soft Shackle.


Hybrid splicing: The classic soft shackle style with lines running inside each other combined with the, for the button knot necessary, kohlhoff style with lines running parallel. This technique combines the strength of the button knot with the increased safety of this classic splicing style.


Perfect for all applications where the soft shackle is not always under tension.

Each hybrid Soft Shackle is equipped with a small pull rope for easy opening. Big enough to pull, small enough to not get caught accidently.



Optional available with elastic cord for even more increased safety against unwanted opening when not under tension. To open the shackle just slide the elastic cord back, to close the shackle push the rubber band towards the noose.

Soft Shackle 5mm/22cm Button Knot hybrid 42kN

19,90 €Price
  • Technical Information


    5mm Dyneema® SK 78

    Knot Technique

    Button Knot

    Open Length

    22cm, more lengths on request


    42 kN


    10,5 kN





  • User Information

    Please Note:

    Get to know how Soft Shackles work before using them!
    If you have any questions about how, when and where to use Soft Shackles, don't hesitate to contact us.