3mm Button Knot Soft Shackle


100% handmade in Germany from 100% Dyneema SK78.

Special coating makes them very resistant to abrasion and UV-radiation.

Stronger than steel but up to ten times lighter.

Each Soft Shackle is individually tested.

The Button Knot is the strongest way to tie a Soft Shackle.


Recommended for:
ultralight hammock setup
adding multipliers to your pulley system


Optional available with a removable sleeve, made from 100% Dyneema SK78 for additional protection against wear and tear.

Soft Shackle 3mm/20cm Button Knot double 18kN

15,65 €Price
  • Technical Information


    Dyneema® SK 78

    Knot Technique

    Button Knot

    Open Length

    20cm, more lengths on request


    18 kN


    4,5 kN


    without padding: 4g

    with padding: 5g



  • User Information

    Please Note:

    Get to know how Soft Shackles work before using them!
    If you have any questions about how, when and where to use Soft Shackles, don't hesitate to contact us.