When Clifford Ashley wrote this in 1944 in his all-time-classic book The Ashley Book of Knots, he probably didn´t know about the modern High Tech Ropes, but he sure knew about knots.

And he knew about the limitless applications knots had and will have.

In his book we can see testimony of the first soft shackles. Spliced loops and stopper knots have been known for a long time, yet today we put them in a new context.
In the same way as Clifford Ashley looked into the past to equip riggers for the future, we look back now to the good old knots.

After almost a century of metal connectors and steel wire in rigging applications with all its machined terminals, we lock back to where it stopped, we look back to Ashley, look back to the knots, look back to the rope.

Yes, nowadays it´s the so-called high-tech ropes with materials like Spectra, Vectran, Kevlar and Dyneema we use but it´s rope nonetheless. And most practices that work for a piece of hemp rope also work for a piece of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene rope. With very different results.
Steel parts were used mainly because of their increased strength and resistance, but this balance has tipped. We have to reassess our equipment according to new standards arising.
This is my adventure into the world of the limitless piece of rope. There I want to take you.

Mali Freiherr von Soden

CEO - SchneiderLine