Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WLL (Working Load Limit) for my Soft Shackle?

The WLL of your Soft Shackle depends on what you are using it for. Ask yourself what will happen if the Soft Shackle fails. According to this you set your Safety Factor. Recommended is a minimum Safety Factor of 4:1 (25% of MBS – Minimum Breaking Strength). The MBS and recommended WLL is stated in each product description.
However, other than steel components which start deforming and become useless when loaded at round about half their MBS, Soft Shackles do not get damaged when loaded almost up to their MBS.

Can I remove/ change the padding of my Soft Shackle?

Yes, the padding is removable/ changeable.

Usually it is quite easy to take off the padding, but depends on the size of your Soft Shackle. If you need assistance or require a new padding please contact us.

This section is still under construction and currently updated frequently.

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